We are at a time where the stakes are high for the future of humanity and the survival of the natural world we depend on. This work is an invitation to explore new ways of seeing and new ways of being, that we may awaken hidden potentials in ourselves, so that we can create a Bright Future for us all. Happily, these hidden potentials are natural and built into our human design. They are readily available and simply exploring them will begin to awaken your very own, personal Bright Future as well.

These axioms (or fundamental principles) may be a lot to absorb at first, but once you get a feel for the territory, you may start to recognize them as part of your everyday life, even familiar; because they are indeed, the natural function of who you are.

  1. You’ve heard that we use only 10% of our brain, but truthfully, we use only a tiny fraction of the faculties we were given at birth. It is far more than only our brains that we limit. The society we live in currently is very, very narrow and constricted, encouraging despair and loneliness, and making it feel embarrassing to smile too brightly. Starting in early childhood, the modern idea of normal guides us to “keep out” a wide range of perceptions, experiences and abilities that are part of who we are and how we are made. These suppressed gifts offer a rich life experience that is available to us right now. Cultures on every continent, throughout all time, have explored, accepted and developed these gifts, while today’s “civilized” culture shuns them. At OBF, we refer to this narrow understanding of the world as the Acorn Mind, because it exemplifies the contrast between life inside the acorn shell, containing so much potential while it is small, dark and isolated vs life as a fully expanded tree in the richly diverse forest, a great, contributing member of the whole. I invite you to explore this expansion!
  2. The physical world we see around us, is in reality a fluid sea of energy droplets, not unlike a sea of water droplets. We call this the Field of Creation (FOC). It is all inclusive of everything in our physical world and it moves fluidly as one, ever changing field or sea.
  3. The FOC is continually unfolding “within” time, unrolling our lives before us. The FOC billows as it unfolds, each moment unfolding directly out of the one before it. You can see this phenomenon in time lapse photography. Scientists say that it also flickers on and off as it unfolds, as each unit of energy is a spark of light (see Nassim Haramein).
  4. Everything within the field is either regenerating or degenerating, it is never static. Nothing is static, nothing is permanent, everything in creation is in a state of change at all times. In this sea of energy, in this Creation that we live in, the past no longer exists and the future is not yet created. The only Reality that is “alive” or “real”, is the present moment.
  5. WHATEVER happened before this moment in your life, the rest of your life from today forward is uncharted and unformed – your future can be amazing if you decide to create it. You are not locked in to who you were, what you did, or what you have created so far. There may be a lag as things run their course, but you are free in every moment to recraft your future and your world view. This is your first great Superpower.
  6. As Humans, we have a vital function as a circuit within the field (FOC), much like a radio tower – receiving, interpreting and emitting information of many different kinds. In most modern humans, this circuit is shut down, closed or very dim, but there is tremendous Power in “getting into the drivers seat”, opening the circuit, and turning on the lights.
  7. Much of the troubles in the world are caused by these circuits being closed. Simply turning on the lights could help the world tremendously as it catalyzes Illumination in its many forms (see Illumination below, under Resonant Influence).
  8. As a circuit or “radio tower”, we are built with dozens of sending and receiving apparatus all over our body. We have many senses and faculties, far beyond the limited “5 senses”. Each of us is equipped with these tools that are designed to transmit different types of information. For every type of information we emit, we are also able to read and interpret information of that type from others. These include presence (light) which we explore further shortly, thought, emotional frequency, healing energy and many many others. We explore dozens of these in OBF classes, see also our Super Powers page.
  9. As we emit information it is received by and influences the unfolding of the field. This is quite controversial, but I invite you to test it while learning these skills. The field responds to our emissions depending on the power of our light or presence. In this way we can increase the power of our presence and have greater influence on the unfolding of our lives.
  10. Thoughts have frequencies as do emotions, and both influence the regeneration of the body. Negative thoughts emit waves that are jagged and distressing to the cells while peaceful thought waves are calm and nourishing.
  11. Each of your many faculties, (which we will not explore here as they are vast) can be isolated and trained as a skill of mastery. Some focus on receiving – as in psychics, telepaths, intuitives, etc and others focus on emissions – such as healers, teachers, performers. (I feel that Science’s denial of this is a great handicap. They try to solve all of our puzzles through the five senses and perhaps the unanswered questions we face may have much to reveal if we only would look through our many other senses.) All of these faculties (more than 300) are available to each of us, but most vital is our mastery of Presence, first and foremost, because it informs and empowers all the others. A close second, is mastery of “State”. State is the execution of a specific central frequency which magnifies the power of each of the faculties. Our OBF introductory course, The 3 Keys, explores both Presence and State in depth.
  12. Each physical human body holds within it, a “human being” of light, i.e. a unique frequency (oscillation of light) that is identifiable, recognizable and individual. This may be called personality, self, soul or identity. Most human bodies house one identity. This personality/identity is oscillating as light that has a specific vibration that is unique to the individual – there are no duplicates. This is the being that is You.
  13. This Human “Spirit” or Being of Light is “streaming” from Source in a similar way that we stream video from the internet. Our individual stream is fluid, it can expand, contract, (astral) travel and bi-locate – it can stream to assist others (in healing) – it has many properties and flexibilities, all of which can be mastered with training.
  14. “Presence” is how we refer to the wattage of light of the personality. A person can voluntarily increase or decrease their degree of Presence or Light, and each of us has complete control over it. (Radiance will increase it, despair will decrease it) There are many degrees of Presence – from what we call dark, even very dark as in a malicious person; to normal or average light which is fairly dim, to shining, to a superstar who touches thousands from a stadium stage, and beyond to Great Master, which we regularly see depicted as fully illuminated. This light is visible to everyone, it is read by everyone and everyone responds to it accordingly, all day long. We don’t talk about it openly, but we have language that refers to these degrees of presence, (he is a dark character, he is bigger than life, she is so radiant, she was glowing). We are all experiencing the Presence of those around us and responding to it in every interaction.
  15. As a “radio tower” or “circuit” in the field of energy, like a ripple in a pond, your emissions have influence over the unfolding field around you and what shape it takes. There are volumes to discuss about this. Four major factors include (1) the power of your Presence, (2) the specific frequency of your State, (3) the clarity of your Intention, and (4) the channel and mode of your emissions. The study of these is what we teach at OBF and it is our hope toward a Bright Future for our world.
  16. The greater your Presence, the brighter your light, the greater your power, the greater your influence on the field, though again, a deep absence of light has a strong influence also. When we continually emit dark/jagged emotions, it causes the field to unfold in aberrated ways, resulting in bad luck or tough circumstances. Emitting calm, radiant light causes the field to unfold in positive ways. Again, the greater your Presence, the greater your power of influence, thus Great Masters, who are fully illumined, can command the field to manifest right before our eyes (as stories tell, I have not witnessed this, but the principle is true).
  17. Likewise, we are greatly influenced by the Presence of one another. One with intention can have powerful influence over others who are not intentional or aware. For example, one intentional person can move a crowd to peace or tension simply by holding that presence, as we often see.
  18. All information, all events, all inclusive, through all of time is held in a “place” that is very much like “the Cloud” on the internet. It is inclusive of past, present and future, including all people, all occurances, all information and all possibilities (a lot to fathom from our small human perspective). This has been known by cultures on every continent, for millenia. Some people refer to this as the Akashic Records, but it has many other names as well. This information is accessible to anyone in an attuned state. Specific states give you access once you have learned how to navigate them. This could be immensely useful to innovating solutions if we only would explore it. Many of our great innovators pulled new information directly from the “cloud”, such as Tesla and Da Vinci. among others
  19. All physical form is born in the imaginal realm, it begins as an idea before it moves into the physical realm to be manifest. This is a very important principle. All of creation begins as an idea in the cloud, that feeds from the cloud into the imaginal realm or imagination. From there it moves through to the individual self, whose vibration influences it before it takes form.
  20. Because the personality is physically light that is oscillating, it has influence over the information that is passing through it. This is why each of us has a unique imagination and we each interpret ideas uniquely, You’ve seen sand influenced by sound waves, and this is quite similar. Information is continually flowing from the Cloud into the imagination where it oscillates with the Personality causing it to take on unique form. Because the personality is a unique vibration, it has unique influence over the information as it comes in and as it takes form. You might think of it like playdough running through the molding press, where each individual mold placed into the press, creates a different outcome. Each of several people receives similar information but each individual frequency influences the information to come into form differently. Music is an easy place to see this. Six band members hear the same tune, but each creates his/her part uniquely. It is virtually impossible for two guitarists in a band to improvise the same tune identically, as it runs through their individual perception. Similarly, we may get to know the music of an individual and be able to identify theirs from a variety of music, because we can hear the influence of their individual interpretation, even in the case of a dozen musicians interpreting the same melody. This is constant in all cases of information coming into the imagination from the cloud. The individual frequency has a profound influence on it as it moves through us.
  21. While we have many faculties (one Egyptian text sites 360), one of our most fundamental functions is as an electrical circuit in the FOC, a link between the un-manifest etherial or imaginal realm and the physical, manifest world. As I mentioned above, the majority of people have closed their circuits down (generally through despair/worry), but a person with an open circuit will allow a tremendous amount of light to pour through, into the field (unconsciously, it pours through when the circuit is open), which serves to illuminate humanity as a whole. One postulate is that as humanity functions as a whole, and the more en-light-ened humans we have, the more light comes in (the more “cells” of the body of humanity are illumined), the more humanity transforms toward homoestasis, or radiant health. I do feel it’s certainly worth exploring! This is my hope and my inspiration.
  22. Interestingly, in today’s distorted society, we tend to perceive the world around us as solid while we feel unstable about ourselves. We often experience ourselves as insecure, unclear, uncertain of who we are – yet the world around us as concrete. As we get into the drivers seat of our “Self”, in the Present, this perception shifts. Once you understand that the world around you is fluid and you discover yourself as a Presence that is constant in it, you may begin to experience yourself as solid in a fluid world. Because you are always you, unchanging, this discovery can be a reversal of this basic aspect of your life experience. As a result, you may get a boost to your self esteem, your self confidence, your feeling of certainty and stability.
  23. Much debated are the varying aspects of attunement to the FOC. Some scientists argue that one cannot “attune” to the field, but I personally have explored many states that I can only describe as attunement. One can hardly separate oneself from the field, given, but there are states that facilitate more integrated interaction and engagement that can be achieved with training. From these states, I find that specific states have specific influence to the unfolding FOC. I call this Resonant Influence
  24. As an aside, the resonance of Nature is very powerful and has profound effects on us, I feel that attunement to nature is a fundamental source of nourishment for radiant health and is vital to our wellbeing. I have found it to be a major booster to doing this work.
  25. My term “Awakened State” refers to a state of Presence where you are in your drivers seat, lights are on, you are Present and aware, full engaged as an Alive being here now. This is in sharp contrast to the narrow, constricted state of “normal” that is taught to us in modern society. The “Activated State” is deeper still, attained with meditation, where a distinct Activation occurs as one accesses an opening very difficult to describe. I can try to describe it as much like the point where a light bulb touches the circuit and the light comes on. Not only the bulb, but the entire world around it is lit up. In the Activated State, direct experience is opened up unlike anything else (see three fountains below). The Awakened State however, is at first found in meditation, but becomes a place to live from throughout your day.
  26. Resonant Influence is a feature of the Awakened State, when the lights are on, which opens an array of Superpowers, which all humans have access to. Think of Resonant Influence like a tuning fork in a music store. When it sings, all of the strings, the wood and the skin drumheads will hum to the frequency of the tuning fork. You, in an Awakened State, function in the exact same way in the world. There are many types of Resonant Influence. I have identified 9 categories below. Again, these are the basis of many of the referred to Super Powers (see SP page).

RI 1. Illumination – the awakened state allows more light to come through your circuit and this literally “illuminates” in several ways.

a. Literally your world becomes more light & bright, you feel lighter and brighter.

b. The Self is illuminated, you experience self realization and gain depth of understanding of who you are, what your gifts are, what paths are good options for you.

c. Others see your increased light and respond to it accordingly. This translates as Power in our world, both power in society, to influence others without even speaking and power to create what you want.

d. The radiance of your light influences others, stimulating their growth and their own illumination.

e. Opening your circuit, bringing more light & love in as an individual cell in the whole of humanity, helps to move humanity as a whole toward radiant health.

f. Access to information in the cloud is illuminated, information which is not accessible in the non activated state.

g. Understanding and insights about people and situations become illuminated.

h. Information from plants & animals become accessible, as in plant and animal communication.

RI 2. Emotional – once you master command of your emotional state, your resonance influences the emotional state of those around you. A huge percentage of our emotional states are merely the reflection or resonance with those around us. When we are in command of our state, with intention, we hold the power to set the resonant emotional frequency of the group we are in.

RI 3. Relational – you have the power to send specific frequencies to specific individuals, i.e. love, healing, trust, empowerment, etc. When you are down and out and someone sends you love and you are comforted by it, this is resonant influence. Some groups, such as Unify and Heart Math, have shown that sending love to people with illness can help them heal. When you believe in someone, as when a teacher sees potential in a student, that student unconsciously steps up to fulfill it (the opposite is also true). This is relational resonant influence.

RI 4. Creation – direct influence over brand new creations as the FOC unfolds using direct intention.

RI 5. Re-Creational – changing already manifested matter into something else or relocating it, as in turning water into wine (again a theoretical example), or bending a spoon.

RI 6. Magnetic Attraction – as you grow your light, you will find that things in the field attract to you in accordance with your individual frequency. Things you want, synchronicities and coincidences, new people who resonate with you and who offer new opportunities or directions in your life will attract to your light spontaneously (without intention).

RI 7. Intentional Attraction – this is the art of setting intention and calling things to you, as in RI 6 above, but intentionally.

RI 8. Intentional Situation – here we have influence over a situation or circumstance in our life, and using intention, assist the FOC to unfold it into a positive change. This is fun to play with, to choose a specific situation to shift and then watch a new person enter and change the dynamic, or see a person decide to leave it, or to see a wild card occur that makes a dramatic shift.

RI 9. Communication – as a radio tower you have many channels of communication and can open “phone lines” with loved ones such as family members, your guides, angels, nature spirits, animals, and many other beings who are available to communicate with from an Activated State. Here, your resonant frequency matches the desired connecting point and communication becomes possible.

27. Your Realm refers to the people, places, situations and activities that you are interested and engaged in. Your influence is largely within your Realm. For example, if you have no engagement with the people of Madagascar, you have little influence there. However, if you are in relationship with a situation or circumstances there via your interest, you can influence it even at a distance. You must have some kind of engagement to have influence, thus we use the term Your Realm to clarify this.

28. The Three Fountains. These are harder to describe but definitely phenomenon I have encountered and can access directly. These mystical fountains take training to access but are readily there, and a magnificent experience to have in your daily practice.

F1. When I reach the activated state, I experience it as all of my cells opening like a flower, I feel like I am lit up like a Christmas tree. This fountain is internal and external – it is the full body experience of being one with all that is. The borders between me and all that is melt into one. When Activated this way, information is readily accessible to both receive and send, and it is an ideal state to set intentions and manifest from as the cosmos is attentive and communication lines are open. The fountain here refers to the experience of being an integral part of all that is and the exhilaration that it generates. I refer to it as a fountain because it is flowing in a circular reciprocal fashion.

F2. Gratitude is more than being grateful. Gratitude itself can be an elevated state. Once a state of Gratitude is achieved and the activation happens internally, there is a fountain of overwhelming warmth that pours down at a 45% angle via my third eye and down through my body into the earth. As it pours through me, I bask in it, drinking it in, soaking in it. It is nourishing to all of my cells, my mental health and overall well being.

F3. The third fountain follows the same lead, but upon reaching the deepest state of Gratitude, deeper than F1 & 2, the sky directly above me opens up and a torrent of love pours down like a waterfall. The depth of love is so great and absolute, that all self doubt is dissolved and all wounds are healed. As I experience this, I realized that all of my fears, issues and emotional wounds were rooted in my fear of not belonging or not being accepted. This absolute love gushing down and washing over me is a solid statement of love and acceptance that shuts down all concerns once and for all, clearing them out instantly, (something ten years of therapy couldn’t even touch).

29. Regarding the current postulate by science that space is the unifying force in creation….Space is as much a part of the physical realm as matter is, and it is NOT the unifying force that binds it all. As in all things, it is Idea or Intention that is the unifying force. If you pull back and see the holographic nature of creation – we expand from atom to molecule to planet to solar system to galaxy to universe to universes, etc….to the gigantic of all that is – you will see that it is all unified by a singular Intention, Everything within this particular realm of creation, is operating on the same principles, as one giant body. There may be other worlds where things operate on different principles not at all like the one, and that other world would be unified by a different intention or idea. In this world we know, however, the operational principles are consistent, showing that it is all one and that it is generating from one idea or intention. The Idea or Being that is generating, is doing so in a unified and consistent manner throughout – the singular idea functions like a sound wave causing the FOC to move into form. i.e. to “form”. We, in the holographic image of the Source, and as a holographic presence of the One, on a small scale, are able to create with intention in the same way – when we are in a harmonized state. There is an Innate Intelligence of some form, divine by definition, that holds a unified thought, a singular Idea that binds all that is. I think if science continues to pursue as it has, they will find this in time. Today they seek to define all the small parts of the whole, but when viewing the whole, a singular intention is clearly the unifying force.

This short list of Axioms is just a peek at a reality that is available to us all. I personally feel that the constricted modern society we call “normal” is the altered state, and that these states are our natural and wholesome home. So, that said, lets call this offering, a parallel reality, one that is waiting for you, inviting you to step into it. Perhaps it even calls to you. Judging from the art, music and writings that I see all around us, it appears that most people feel that there is something more, The very word Seeker, implies that many are out there trying to find it. Indeed, there is a more connected, more fulfilled life than the one we have been taught as normal. While many of us ask, “who am I? where do I belong? why am I here? what is my place in all of this?”. I have found the answers to these questions through this work, and it is my greatest hope that you will too.