I Am Loved Meditation

Welcome to the I AM LOVED meditation. The technique you will experience here is called Extra Sensory Meditation. While we are taught that we have five senses, we truthfully have dozens more. This meditation will open you to a range of new skills, and take you on an adventure as you explore them. You will explore new relationships with yourself, with nature, with source, with All Of Life… and at the same time you will run through a series of mental gymnastics that will build your agility both in meditation and in life. It is my hope that it will leave you feeling nourished and happy inside. Enjoy! 16 minutes.

The I AM Loved Meditation is our classic introduction to the Bright Future work. It is a warm and wonderful engagement with your belonging within the Great Mystery, the All That Is. It will take you through a series of basic skills, working with the Force Within, learning to navigate it, and meanwhile discovering the Presence of You in the center of it all.