The Force Within You Is Real!

You are more powerful than you can imagine!
Yes You, the big YOU in all caps,
The You that you were designed to be.

Let’s Awaken Your Super Powers
Right there inside you, ready and waiting.
Discover whats really possible.



You’ve heard that we only use 10% of our brain, but in reality we are using far less of what we were designed to be. Think of an acorn….. The little acorn has a gigantic potential inside it, yet it stays inside a cozy shell, with thick walls that keep it safe, but also keep it separate from everything around it. In our acorn mind, we  often feel alone, isolated, disconnected. We have no idea of the magnificence that’s in our very design. The little acorn has no concept of the great garden, where all things are connected and interdependent. Our little acorn has no idea even of the warmth and bright sunlight that’s right there, calling us to open. Just like the little acorn, a great magnificence is built into YOUR very design, and it is as natural as the tree is to the acorn.

We are at a time where the stakes are high for the future of humanity and the survival of the natural world we love and depend on. This work is an invitation to explore new ways of seeing and of being, that we may awaken great potentials in ourselves, and with them, create a Bright Future for us all.

In order to live in a world that we may make possible, a world that is thriving, balanced, peaceful, and just, we all have to engage in the endeavor to become that possibility. We are reaching out to you, because we recognize you as a Social Architect of the Now, offering a particular gift to the collective feast that is laid before us. As we all bring our individual experiences to the table, we each partake in the nourishment of being the co-authors of the greatest story ever told.” ~ Jamaica Stevens