The Force Within You Is Real!

You are more powerful than you can imagine!
Yes You, the big YOU in all caps,
The You that you were designed to be.

Let’s Awaken Your Super Powers
Right there inside you, ready and waiting.
Discover whats really possible.



You’ve heard that we only use 10% of our brain, but in reality we step into far less of what we were designed to be. Think of an acorns….. The little acorn lives inside a cozy shell, with thick walls that keep it safe, but also keep it separate from everything around it. It often feels alone, isolated, disconnected. The little acorn has no idea of the magnificence of the tree that’s in its very design. It has no concept of the great garden, where all things are integrated, connected, interdependent. Our little acorn has no idea even of the warmth and bright sunlight that’s outside its shell. This unfortunately, is where most of the human world lives today, as our modern culture teaches us that staying small is normal and supported. Just like the little acorn, a great magnificence is built into YOUR very design, and it is as natural as the tree is. You have gigantic potential and tools and abilities that you may sense are there, that may even call to you, but somehow seem hard to find.

We are at a time where the stakes are high for the future of humanity and the survival of the natural world we love and depend on. This work is an invitation to explore new ways of seeing and new ways of being, that we may awaken great potentials in ourselves, and with them, create a Bright Future for us all. Happily, these hidden potentials are natural and built into our human design. They are readily available and simply exploring them will begin to awaken your very own, personal Bright Future.

You will learn to – Get into the driver’s seat, take command of your mind, your emotions & your destiny!

First, we get into the Driver’s Seat of our own life. This is an important first step, and sadly one that few ever take. So many of us are caught in the influence of those around us, and have lost ourselves in it all. Here, we reconnect within, stand tall and begin to own our life, own our power, and take command of our world.

Then, as our own boss, we begin to take command of our mind. In our modern world, no attention is given at all to commanding our inner chatterbox. This powerful step is life changing, as you begin to put your house back in order and redefine your relationship to your mind. Our mind is our most powerful tool, but it is not our ruler. It is a tool, to be under our command. Then, and only then, can we put it to good use and begin to make incredible things happen.

Next… Ahhh…. your emotions! Yikes! Today’s culture leads us to believe that our emotions “happen” to us. Unmanaged, they run us around, control our lives, interrupt our activities, and wreak havoc on our relationships, including our relationship with our self. This training is a long time coming. Here you will learn that your emotions are in truth – emissions – frequencies that you emit and others can read (you can read theirs too). You have dozens of options to choose from at any given moment and they are entirely yours to control and direct – they were never meant to control you. That’s not how you were designed and we have gotten wwaaaayyyy off track by letting them run the show. Emotions are very, very powerful and when put to good use, they can have a powerful impact in creating your intentions.

Once you have taken command of your ship, you now can run it like a boss. You can decide what you’d like to create and become the director of your own movie. You have more tools and abilities built into the controls than we can count. Taking command and learning to run your ship opens wide horizons. Some of the first steps we’ll take will bring you back into relationship with the great All That Is – the Mystery – and there, find a deep belonging that has called to you since always. You’ll learn to take command of your body and it’s well being; to be the creator of your relationships and to bring them to a healthy place. And then we can begin to explore the super powers that are built into your very design: to manifest your visions, to impact the situations you are involved in; to influence the people around you and to shape your the world – and to do it consciously and intentionally with love at the root. Your life will open up in magical ways, where synchronicity and new opportunities are daily occurrences.

This is how you were designed. Like the acorn, a great magnificence is right there inside you. There is no better time than now to open up to your greatness and see what begins to grow!

The Force Within

Star Wars was right. The “Force Within You” is very real. The light inside you is not a static light bulb, rather it’s a powerful force that pulses and flows through you. Once you have taken command of your ship, you can learn to direct this flow and use it to impact your world.

You have everything to gain. Everything you’ve ever hoped for in life is yours to create. How much more would your life be if you had use of the Force Within to create it?


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” –  Einstein

We need a new human. One with a new mind, a new perspective. One who is radiant, self confident, who has integrity, compassion, and clarity, who knows that they have value that is important to the world. One who stands tall and is not entangled in drama and self doubt. This person is in each of us, our Greatness is built into our design. Society would have us believe that years of therapy, and a history of trauma prevent us all from our Greatness, but no, our Greatness is who we are, it is intrinsic  to each of us, waiting for us to step into it at any moment. It is our birthright.

This work will show you how to open that magical doorway and step on through.

This is not a call for hard work or long hours. It is not a job. And it’s not hard either, it’s as natural as breathing. It is truly in your very design. This is a call for you to step into the fullness of who you are, the big you, the YOU you know is in there. You are important. No one else can take your place. When you are bright, the whole world is brighter because you are in it.

In order to live in a world that we may make possible, a world that is thriving, balanced, peaceful, and just, we all have to engage in the endeavor to become that possibility. We are reaching out to you, because we recognize you as a Social Architect of the Now, offering a particular gift to the collective feast that is laid before us. As we all bring our individual experiences to the table, we each partake in the nourishment of being the co-authors of the greatest story ever told.” ~ Jamaica Stevens