The 3 Keys to Awaken Your Super Powers

These three keys are the foundation that all of our work is built on. This 90 minute basic training is our introductory course, and is required before for all subsequent trainings.

We begin with getting you out of the fight or flight “tunnel (of darkness)” and open you up to “global awareness”. Global awareness connects you to all of life, to the world around you and beyond to the great universe. We’ll re-awaken the magic, that sparkle you see in little kids eyes…. you can have that too! It’s your natural state. (no matter what you’re going through, its your birthright and you can claim it back). For many, this opening and deep connection offers a feeling of coming home, of belonging. This one piece sounds simple, but it is a huge missing link in our current society and can change the course of your life experience dramatically.

Next, we’ll reach deep into your core, touching directly into YOU, the person who lives inside your body all day every day. This won’t be intrusive, it will be light and easy, again, all of this work is simple and natural, its your true nature. We’ll re-aquaint you, connect you back to center and turn the lights up. So often we stand outside ourselves and point fingers in our own face, generally with insults or worry. In our basic training, you’ll step back into the heart of YOU, and start to establish a solid foundation to stand on and to shine from. You’ll learn daily practices to build a strong “tree trunk” of self confidence, that flexes with the wind and rain, but has a rock solid grounding of self love and knowing. I repeat, no matter what you’ve been through, you can rebuild this relationship with yourself.

This light in your center will grow to become your Solar Fire, your strength, your power, your solidity. With time and practice, any self doubt you once knew will melt away, and the magnificence of who you really are will begin to reveal itself.

Third, we’ll visit the waves of emotion that pulse through you. Most people let these powerful impulses rule their world, allowing them to sit in the drivers seat, steering you off cliffs and into ditches, if you know what I mean! When you take control and become their boss, these waves of emotion become valuable tools, charged with energy to empower you forward in the directions you choose. Emotions were given to us for a reason, and they are powerful allies when used correctly. You’ll learn what they’re for and how to use them to serve you.

These 3 Keys are the foundation of everything we do at OBF. With these three keys you will turn the lights on, grow your inner strength and learn to work with the Force. All students begin with these three important fundamentals. Then, if you decide to continue on to our advanced trainings, you’ll have the option to gain  mastery over the tools in your arsenal and apply them to every aspect of your life.

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SELF MASTERY – Advanced Training

The 3 Keys workshop is a PREREQUISITE for this series.

For some, Self Mastery means going to the gym or sticking to a designated diet. But here at OBF, it is more than that, it is the key to a Bright Future for you and for humanity. The mind/body we live in is far more powerful than you can imagine. Our society teaches that we have 5 senses, and firmly shuts down the dozens of other faculties we were given to use and enjoy. How we run our ship and utilize the tools that came with it, makes the difference between stumbling through life and thriving as its master.

This is a Mystery School. We work with the invisible Force Within, and the vast Great Mystery, the mighty power that holds our world together. The Force Within pulses through dozens of channels in your body, each one created for different purposes. Think of it like your car – there are controls for lights, for windshield wipers, for steering, for accelerating or slowing down. One turns up the music and another turns it off.There are loads more. How much more complex is the incredible body that you were given?

With you at the helm of your ship, you can utilize and direct the Force Within, to design and create the world you want, as well as to help create the bright future we all long for.

WEEK 1 – Deep Connection
WEEK 2 – The Power Of Presence
WEEK 3 – Working Toward Activation
WEEK 4 – Take Command of Your Mind
WEEK 5 – Take Command of Your Emotions
WEEK 6 – Design Your Destiny (Manifesting 101)

WEEK 7 – Quantum Relationships – Go Drama Free
WEEK 8 – 12 More Ways to Turn It Up
WEEK 9 –
Vitality – The Fountain of Youth
WEEK 10 –
Revisiting Trauma
WEEK 11 –
You Are Not Alone – There Are Angels All Around You
WEEK 12 –
Activating Humanity

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Bonus Audios –
Daily Pillar of Light Meditation
90 minute, Head To Toe Aura & Chakra Cleanse
Weekly meditation audio supplements to support what you are learning each week.