Super Powers

Awaken Your Super Powers! The Force Within You Is Real.

What Super Powers?

If there ever was a time to explore our greater potential, this is it. The world is in crisis, humanity is in chaos, we’re wiping out entire ecosystems and now the planet is killing us. It’s time to regroup and redesign the way we play.

Yes, you have Super Powers that you never use, never touch, don’t even know about. It’s time now to open that box and take a look inside.

Let me give you a tour.

To begin, lets establish that the reality we have agreed upon to be “normal” is just that – agreed upon. It’s made up, by people. All of our social norms, the things we learn in school, the rules and agreements we live by, are made up by people. They have nothing to do “reality” and they have nothing to do with what’s possible. Over time, over centuries, we have defaulted to the lowest common denominator, and I must say, its a whiney one at that. Sadly, culturally, we have decided to dumb it down and live a pretty small reality, and then complain about it. Sigh.

What if “normal” in our society, was to empower each other, to reach for our greatness, to explore whats possible for us individually and collectively? You’ve heard that we use only 10% of our brain, but in truth, it’s a far tinier percentage, and it’s far more than our brains we aren’t using. We were given a vast array of faculties that are built right into our design. Every single one of us! Not only the rich or the super fit, everyone has dozens of abilities that they have never taken advantage of.

I invite you to explore a new world view. You have a magnificence in you that is mind blowing. In fact, it’s so big, and so different from “normal life” that you might say that it’s like a parallel reality, a magical doorway you can step through, right here right now. You don’t have to quit your job, leave your spouse or relocate to an ashram to get there, its part of your design. Imagine a world where you are the director of your movie, where you can design and create your life, a world that is sparkly and wonderful – literally, full of wonder. A world where you wake up to enjoy your life, every day, even when there are challenges to struggle through. A life where you are “in the magic” and life is good.

This is about YOU.

Your life matters, Your wholeness offers so much more than mundane achievement. Life is calling. The Great & Magnificent Mystery Of Life, is calling your name. So much has been given to you, gifts that open possibility, expand your experience, allow you to reach beyond the horizon, creative abilities beyond your wildest dreams. Get into the driver’s seat of your life. When you are ACTIVATED, the lights are on. You are no longer on the passive end of whatever comes your way – you are GENERATIVE, creating your life as you dream it up.

And…. this is about the future of humanity. This is a chance to change the paradigm, not just for you, but for all of life on Earth. When you are activated, you are radiant, your very presence has influence on every one and every thing around you. Because you have changed, the world has changed, and in that, we introduce the possibility of a Bright Future for all.

As I introduce you to your super powers (below), some you won’t think are anything at all, and these I invite you to pause and think about differently. The next few, you might wonder if they are available to you (they are). Finally you’ll get to the big showy ones that we tend to think are only for certain gifted people, but all of these are yours too, available to everyone, if you only choose to pursue them. All of these tools come with the package you were given at birth, you just have to put them to use.

Let’s take a look.

Number One

I believe that the Number One greatest Power we hold, is the power to change. The option to recreate who we are, in an instant. It’s always there, in every single moment. We have the ability to change what we think, what we believe, what we see, how we act, how we respond to things that come our way and how we think of ourselves in the world, how we live. No matter who we are or what our situation, no matter what story our past has told, we can always change the course of our own life and those around us by choosing a new way of being. I don’t know if the animals, fish and birds have this power, but it’s crackin amazing that we do. Of all the things I’ve encountered in life, I believe this to be, by far, the most Powerful Super Power available to us, and I don’t say that lightly.

On that note, we also have the ability to open up to Wonder at any moment, in any situation; to be curious and innocent, to let the magnitude of life take us over and fill us with awe. That’s a game changer right there, one that will instantly upgrade the quality of your life. Because YOU are at the controls, these kind of life changers can happen in an instant. Its pretty cool!

An Important Note

As I noted above, we commonly use only a fraction of our gifts, and a big piece of that is our addiction to the intellect, the linear, practical thinking. The linear mindset is bound to the physical, it lives in the prefrontal cortex and it blocks out all else, including our deep connection to All Of Life. This, I believe is the reason we are in such overwhelming despair, stressed out, anxious and lonely – always craving love and longing for belonging.

To activate these inner faculties, we must first loosen up our attachment to the mental intellect and allow our other senses to open. When you study with me, the first thing you are going to experience is your connectedness, and how very deeply you are loved, how deeply you belong…You will discover that you are an integral member of the fabric of life itself. And I mean that literally.

Though this opening is essential to awakening your many capabilities, it also is the Holy Grail in and of itself. When you begin to realize who you really are, you are free. You are no longer bound to the agony of seeking acceptance, acknowledgement, attention, affirmation, belonging, or love….because you own them all.
It is bliss.

And then from there you can play in the world of magic.

Your Super Powers

I’ve sorted this short list of Super Powers into 4 categories (these are just a sampling). The Fundamentals, the Inner Game, the Influential SPs and the Celebrities. I’ve found over 50 super powers in my own exploration, and I know there are lots more. In their mystery schools, the Egyptians taught that there are 360 faculties built into our design. But don’t be daunted by this – even without any of these, as soon as you realize that you are powerful, that you are generative and have control over your world, life begins to take a turn toward the technicolor. Synchronicities start to happen every day, opportunities appear out of the blue, and people come into your life that take you in new directions. You don’t need to dive in very far before major shifts begin to happen.

The 3 Keys

In my classes, I always begin with the 3 Keys. This is a training about how your body, mind and energetics work. Here you get an understanding of how you are designed and how to navigate the mechanics of your
system. Think of it like Driver’s Ed.

The Fundamentals

The fundamental super powers take you on a journey of Self Mastery. I refer to this as “getting into the drivers seat and taking command”. These set you up for all sorts of possibilities once you’ve got them under your belt. This is the foundation to awakening your magnificence. This arena is about becoming YOU in all CAPS.

  • Grow the magnitude of your Presence (and with it the power of your influence)
  • Take command of your mind
  • Take command of your emotions
  • Take command of your stress
  • Take command of your body
  • Take command of your relationships
  • Take command of your destiny

The Inner Game

Once you have the fundamentals in place, this internal suite includes super powers that improve the quality of your inner life. Here you will work with the Force Within for active self creation and well being.

  • Self-realization, to be able to witness your magnificence as it is unfolding. To truly own your uniqueness  and recognize your gifts.
  • Attuning to the resonant frequency, to design and create your life.
  • Activation, to harmonize with all of life and move as one within it.
  • Tapping into the 3 fountains of nourishment and basking in their nectar. (Yep, for real)
  • To design an optimal state of happiness/contentment and anchor it in place daily.
  • Training your brain to focus like a laser (a tool that amplifies everything else).
  • Mind over body – slow your heart rate, change your bio-rythyms, dissolve stress, be calm in any situation.
  • Being able to state change – delta, gamma, theta & other altered states on cue.
  • Palming, using the energy in your hands to remove stress from your face, your heart, wherever you are holding it.
  • Retracking, to reprogram your old hurts, habits and stories to new ones of your own design. Includes re-writing the past, thus birthing new versions of ourselves, completely new identities – (which are created by us in the first place) – thus creating new life experiences.
  • Physically align your energies, for optimal health and well being.
  • Go within and ask your body what’s upsetting it and get information about it.
  • Clear stresses from your body to assist in its optimal health – using your minds eye, to look around inside your body and clean house, finding pockets of shadows, stress, and fears, and then releasing them.

The Influential Super Powers

The influential super powers come with practice. As you grow in mastery of the frequencies you emit, you will be able to influence the world around you, to participate in the design and creation of your world.

  • Purify toxins and charge your food, water and other things with clean frequencies.
  • Use the Force Within to influence the quality of your relationships.
  • Read other people’s energy to understand them better.
  • Likewise, assess and read the energetics of a situation and understand the dynamics of what’s really going on.
  • Then, use your energy to influence the unfolding of situations you are involved in, literally watch things shift before your eyes.
  • The imaginal field. I think it is remarkable and seemingly unique to humans, that we can reach into the ethers and bring in new ideas, new inventions, new music, new science, along with the supporting information to build it in physical reality. Creation in action. How crazy amazing is that?
  • Manifesting > calling in things (to you) that already exist in the world
  • Manifesting > creating reality that didn’t exist previously.
  • Healing others,, running energy through your hands
  • Healing others by running your heart energy
  • Connect with wildlife and other beings, trees, stones, to get information about healing from plants, about history from rocks, about things you want to know and understand, or simply to connect.
  • This is just a taste, once you master your own dynamics and get skilled with the Force, there are infinite ways to use them.

The Celebrities

This list I think of as celebrity super powers because we tend to believe that only “gifted” people have access to these skills, and we love to put them on a pedestal (often well earned through years of study). These skills are interactive and make physical change in the world. Again, everyone has access to all of these, but like any athletic achievement, these are advanced and take devotion to develop.

Telepathic Communication (2 Way) – Send & receive with loved ones over distance, transmit ideas in words and pictures & read information as well – exchange information with people, animals, plants, invisibles, the cloud, the imaginal field. As a teen, my friend on the west coast (U.S.) and I on the east coast would play a game of “call me”, one would send the signal mentally and the other would phone right away. I have also experienced telepathy as a parent, as many parents do.

Mind Meld – with loved ones, or with your team, also known as team ecstasis – In the U.S., Navy Seals train to unify their minds, so that during dangerous operations, one looks left and one looks right, while the whole team gets the information as a single body. Google and Apple both train to use this skill with their executive teams. Les Twins, world famous dancers, use Mind Meld to move as one in perfect synchronization.

Psychic Healing & Long Distance Healing – In the Philippines, healers train to remove tumors without breaking the skin. Globally, healers of all kinds are able to use a variety of techniques to heal using only the Force Within.

Remote Viewing – The US, Russian & Chinese Military, all use Remote Viewers to sit in one location while looking with their minds eye into enemy camps across the world, to see what technology they are using, what tools they have on hand, etc.

Teleportation – Astral travel, to leave your body at rest and travel to distant places. See the world from the comfort of your own home! Generally this is practiced when there is an emotional connection, as in visiting a distant loved one who is suffering an illness, but it is not limited.

Telekinesis or Spoon Bending – Uri Geller made spoon bending famous in the 1970’s, showing the world that you can focus your mind and influence matter to change shape. Similarly, moving objects with your mind falls in this category.

Still Waters – The Transcendental Meditation Society has been able to drop crime rates in cities by holding a group meditation and sending peace into the community. You can impact the peace in the world too.

Lucid Dreaming – While asleep, this is being awake and pro-active in your dreams. Members of the Sun Ray Community take it one step further. They make arrangements with friends across the globe and meet in their dreams at night to visit, catch up and even engage in activities together.

Weather Shamanism – A few years ago there were twin hurricanes heading toward the coast of the Southeastern United States. After the first hurricane hit, causing great destruction, people were alarmed to see a second heading toward shore. Native Shamans from across the continent were able to unite their minds from their different locations and turn the second hurricane back out to sea. Weather forecasters were baffled.

Animal/Plant Communication – Talk to your pets to find out what’s upsetting them, communicate with wild animals, gather information about a plant’s medicinal properties; or help your garden thrive by talking to them directly, mind to mind.

Communication With The Invisibles – also quite common, most of us hear and communicate with our guides and angels without even knowing it, and a surprising number of people have engaged with deceased loved ones. It’s honestly not that difficult.

So Much More – again, this is just skimming the surface. All of this and more is part of who you are.


You were meant to be here. You were given a miracle with the tools to live life fully. As an activated being, you are an enormous gift to the world. Your very presence has an impact on everyone and every thing around you.

At the very least, what I want for you is to be empowered in your life – to be GENERATIVE – to know that you are the director of your show, to use the Force Within to create a life that is extraordinary, for yourself, for your loved ones and for the world.

Claim Your Bright Future! Today!