When I was a little girl, my house was full of anger, fighting and hate for everyone outside our door – be it their color, their religion or the way they wore their hair. Even as a tiny tot, I knew that was not how it’s supposed to be. I was deeply disturbed by the violence on the 6 o’clock news and the tv shows. I dreamed of a world where everyone was kind to each other, where we took care of each other, where it was friendly and warm. By age 9 or 10, I was secretly coaching my younger siblings to be kind to other kids at school, to be accepting.

When I was 5, my Grandmother took me shopping with her, and we cut across Boston Common, a big park near where we lived. There I saw a group of 20 or so college aged people sitting in the grass, playing guitar and talking. It was an early Be-In, or Love-In, a gathering to talk about love and peace, about visioning new possibilities, and building a new world without wars, a world where everyone has food and shelter, clean water and safety… a world where we would we take good care of each other and of the natural world. At that time these were new ideas, Boston was still divided into sections based on race and nationality, with hate keeping those lines sharp.

When I saw that gathering in the park that day, I could feel its purpose, I understood what they were talking about, even if I couldn’t hear their words. I realized that other people shared my vision. I knew then, that there were people like me, dreaming of a kind and caring world, and that they were finding each other. I decided right then, that I too, would either find it or build it. Yes, I was only 5, but my life changed that day.

From that day, I was on a mission. Looking for guidance, as I got a little older, I began reading everything I could get my hands on – Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Utopia, Ecotopia, Yogananda…. When I was 12, Maharishi came to Boston and I sneaked out, took a bus and went to his center to learn to meditate. I dove right in. Meditation became my medium for all my deep work.

Later, I went on to become a community leader, working with people to build a healthy world, just as I swore to do, organizing events and workshops, bringing people together….but meditation has been my deepest work. For all of my life I have searched within for keys to facilitate humanity’s awakening. I can’t stop believing that we all have hearts, that we all want to live in a world that is good to us, and that most people hate the way it is, cold and often cruel. There is a common vision inside all of us and I have pursued the premise that there must be keys to help us to live it, to bring it to life.

As time passed, on the outside, I worked with people cleaning up the world, learning to live more healthfully and raise children more kindly. We were saving wildlife and forests, micro-lending to the poor, planting gardens, creating solutions.

But inside, people still strugglied, they were still depressed, still unhappy, still not getting along – myself as much as anyone.

One day it all came to a head. I was so frustrated. I fell on my knees and broke down. I cried, I raged, I shouted at the top of my angry lungs, “Your name is ALMIGHTY, get down here and talk to me.” I had a tantrum like a 2 year old, screaming and crying. “This place is all wrong. How is it that little children are so bright, so radiant and full of wonder, and yet they grow up into broken, self medicating, depressed adults who can’t even keep their most precious relationships together? I know we can have an amazing world. It could be fun and full of laughter, we could all be happy together in this incredibly beautiful amusement park. I am surrounded by bright young people full of promise, but they keep growing up into broken adults. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t win like this, the odds are stacked against me. How can we make the beautiful world that we all want? We all want it, You gave that to us. How do we make it happen?”

And so….began my training. I started to get downloads in my meditations, practices that changed my own life drastically. We are indeed designed to be radiant, powerful, creative humans with fantastic lives and wonderful relationships. What we feel and know inside us is true, and meant to be. We are just out of tune. It’s amazing how close we are, it’s like a light bulb that is not screwed in far enough to connect the circuit. The myth of despair is a contagious lie that we tell one another, we tell it to ourselves and use it to create a world of shadows and unhappiness. The “normal” we have created, is a big fat lie.

The shift is as slight as turning that light bulb just one more turn. When you make the connection, the whole world is illuminated and nothing is the same….especially for those of us who are already working toward it. We’re very very close.

I’d like to share these teachings with you. Simple teachings that will awaken the Magnificence inside you. Easy practices that anyone can do, that are natural to you, part of you… that will help you to be more radiant and powerful, to know who you are and what you came here to do. They’ll help you to be more joyful, more loving, more at peace. And the world around you will shift to align with the new you, the You, you were meant to be.

Many of you hear a calling inside, like I did, a little voice saying there is something more – there is!

It just may be that these teachings will open that door, show you that brighter world and ask you to step into it.

Are you game? Would you go on a little adventure with me and discover new possibilities for you and your life, for our world?

~ Your Oracle of the Bright Future, Saphir Rose