Hi, My name is Saphir Lewis, and I am your Oracle Of The Bright Future.

Why Oracle? Because an Oracle points the way to whats possible … showing you, your life in new ways that reveal magical pathways forward. 

And as for Bright Future, I believe that a Bright Future is always on the menu, that we must believe in it, and with that belief firmly in hand, we can create it.

But today’s society doesn’t teach that. Instead we are taught that small is normal, that despair is normal and an okay way to live our lives. This undercurrent is my arch nemesis!

All of my life, I have seen the light inside of people, and wanted so deeply to see each one of us shine and thrive. With the help of my guiding angels (I will teach you how to talk with yours) I have received tools to help us all open up to our fullness, to become that radiance.

You are, in truth, a magical being. A radiant being of light, and your body is designed, with dozens of amazing tools, to be able to use that light to create in the world. It is no glitch that you are able to dream and imagine – these are very specific tools that partner with these amazing tools, to influence the unfolding of creation.

And you were meant to be radiant, and to thrive. My longing to see this has led to decades of inquiry – asking how can we open up to really shine, to live full, happy and creative lives, to have wonderful relationships, to find our place of belonging in the great garden of life? My guiding angels have taught me how to transform my own life and now I am bringing those tools to you.

Greatest of all, it’s not hard work like the therapy world would have us believe… it doesn’t take 40 years meditating in a cave. Your radiance, your thriving, is built into your very design, and it is your birthright. In the first few minutes of your first class, you will begin to experience how readily available it is….


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” –  Einstein

We need a new human. One with a new mind, a new perspective. One who is radiant, self confident, who has integrity, compassion, and clarity, who knows that they have value that is important to the world. One who stands tall and is not entangled in drama and self doubt. This person is in each of us, our Greatness is built into our design. Society would have us believe that years of therapy are our only option, and that a history of trauma prevents us from thriving, but no, our Greatness is who we are, it is intrinsic to each of us, no matter our past, and it is waiting for us to step into it at any moment. It is our birthright.

This work will show you how to open that magical doorway and step on through.

This is not a call for hard work or long hours. It is not a job. And it’s not hard either, it’s as natural as breathing. It is truly in your very design. This is a call for you to step into the fullness of who you are, the big you, the YOU you know is in there. You are important. No one else can take your place. When you are bright, the whole world is brighter because you are in it.