I am a Life Transformation Coach, I focus on the
Inner Game, which is the root of everything else in life. I will help
you to Live A Magical Life. It is waiting for you to step into, right
here, right now…the place where anything is possible. Synchronicities
and unexpected opportunities begin to appear, situations shift before
your eyes and magic becomes a regular part of your life.

Take command of your Mind.
Take command of your Emotions.
Take command of your Destiny!

You were given a big, fat, toolbox….built right into your design. You were designed
to be a creative force, with the power to impact every aspect of your
life. The mind/body we live in is far more wonderful than we’ve been
taught.  Beginning to use it will open up possibilities that stretch
your imagination and surprise you with how “right” they are. They’ll be
both familiar and new and inspiring all at once. Discovering them will
transform your world, from the very first visit.

We’ll work together to create the transformation you’re after –

  • to gain self confidence
  • to achieve new projects
  • to uplevel your work
  • to manifest more easily
  • to get into better shape
  • to have more love in your life
  • to be more happy and fulfilled
  • to discover who you truly are….

Whatever your vision, I’ll teach you simple tools anyone can use,
that will empower you to  bring those visions to reality. I’ll help you
to create the transformation you seek. As a side effect, all aspects of
your life will improve.

~ Your Oracle of the Bright Future, Saphir Lewis

Reach out via my Contact Page.


First session $99 – 1 hour
Individual visits thereafter $199 – 90 minutes
Three sessions – $555
Five sessions – $888

All pricing USD

Cancellations – You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to your appointment, after that we can reschedule or credit you for an appointment in the future and there will be a $25 same day cancellation fee.


 [Disclaimer – All results are subject to your participation. I cannot determine or guarantee any results you will experience, but state that these are results I, and my students have gotten when we implement the practices. Also, I am not a medical professional of any kind and this work is not intended or implied to be medicinal or to treat any illness, disorder, disease or other medical condition]