“Life Transformation” Coaching


(first session, reg. $148, 90 minutes)

Personal, Deep, Connected…

I am a Life Transformation Coach, I focus on the Inner Game, Self Mastery, which is the root of everything. I will help you to Live A Magical Life. It is waiting for you to step into it, right here, right now…the place where anything is possible. Synchronicities and unexpected opportunities begin to appear, situations shift before your eyes and magic becomes a regular part of your life.

You were given a big, fat, toolbox….built right into your design. You were designed to be a creative force, with the power to impact every aspect of your life. The mind/body we live in is far more wonderful than we’ve been told.  Beginning to use it will open up possibilities that stretch your imagination and surprise you with how “right” they are. They’ll be both familiar and new and inspiring all at once. Discovering them will transform your world, from the very first visit.

Step into the drivers seat iand take control, directing the flow of your life with grace and ease. Learn to play the Inner Game, to make every day a great day. Influence your world as it unfolds before you, and create the life & results you really want.

We’ll work together to create the transformation you’re after –

  • to gain self confidence
  • to achieve new projects
  • to uplevel your work
  • to manifest more easily
  • to get into better shape
  • to have more love in your life
  • to be more happy and fulfilled
  • to discover who you truly are….

Whatever your vision, I’ll teach you simple tools anyone can use, that will empower you to  bring those visions to reality. I’ll help you to create the transformation you seek. As a side effect, all aspects of your life will improve.

~ Your Oracle of the Bright Future, Saphir Rose

You Were Born To Be Magnificent

When you see a little lion cub, you might say it’s pretty cute,
But look again….the adult lion is sheer Magnificence!

Consider this tiny acorn, from its place right now, it cannot fathom the Mighty Oak it will become!

Even the young eagle is a goofy character, clumsy, awkward…..
But the mature eagle ….. Inspires Nations.….

You too – have a Magnificence inside you beyond your wildest imagination!

It’s in your very Design!

Lets awaken that Greatness.

Whatever your goals and aspirations, it’s WHO is doing it that will make the difference, after that, the practical steps of creating those goals are much easier.

Together we’ll open the acorn inside you and discover who you truly are > as you reach up into the sunshine, you’ll begin to reveal the TRUE YOU, the You, you’ve been longing to become.

The Inner Game of Self Mastery, is the key to Your Bright Future.

Side effects may include:

  • Greater Self confidence
  • Deeper Self understanding
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved health & vitality
  • More harmony in your relationships
  • Respect from others
  • Magical synchronicities
  • Unexpected gifts out of nowhere
  • More ease in manifesting
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Deeper happiness
  • Calm in the storm
  • More wonder, more enjoyment of each day and each moment.

 [Disclaimer – All results are subject to your participation. I cannot determine or guarantee any results you will experience, but state that these are results I have gotten when I do the practices. Also, I am not a doctor and this is not intended or implied to be medicinal or to treat any illness, disorder, disease or other medical condition]

Payment – I use Paypal or Venmo for payment. USD.

Cancellations – You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to your appointment, after that I will reschedule or credit you for an appointment in the future and there will be a $25 same day cancellation fee.