You are a Magical Being

Throughout the ages, shamans, mystics, yoga masters, prophets, master healers, sages, little children and others have demonstrated a wide range of “magical” abilities, from seeing the future, to accessing information about a person or a situation, to healing illnesses, changing the course of events and so much more. Every one of the talents these people have demonstrated are available to you & I, because they are part of our design as humans. We all have them.

In the west, we make reference to the “sixth sense”, but in reality our bodies are crafted with a range of “senses” that we have methodically shunned, one by one, as they appeared in early childhood – from telepathy to past life memories, to surprising access to information. In our modern society, we shut them down as quickly as they appear.

We are electrical beings, built much like radio towers, able to transmit and receive information within a “field” of electrical energy. The “Force” as it has been dubbed, is indeed just that. It is a current that flows within us, one that we can direct to pulse outward, or inward – we can command it to do all sorts of wonderful  things, once we understand the controls and how to navigate with them.

Though there are endless ways to use these super powers, the real benefit is to get into the drivers seat in your life, take command and rule your world. Become master of your thoughts, of your emotions, of your body, of your relationships, of the world around you. You have the tools to design and create the life you want in every aspect.

For me, the importance of this work is to use these abilities to influence the unfolding of a Bright Future for All. We can use these gifts to change the world, to hearts to open, to help humanity open up to create the kind and good world we long for.

The root of doing this work, is a deep and profound connection to Source, to the Beloved, to All Of LIfe. This opens all of these faculties like a master key. Its a wave length we must first access, a connected “state” that opens a door into a vast world, far more colorful, creative and intricate than the simplified, linear, physical world that we cling to. (yes, without drugs!) And though we are constantly reinforced to stick to the societal program, we know there is something more, and we all obsess over it constantly…. in our longing for connection, in our search for love and belonging. All of our music, our storytelling, and our anxieties reflect our longing, we know iti is there, but not how to access it. It is this craving that makes us restless, stressed, lonely and overwhelmed, even depressed. It’s our true nature and it calls to every one of us.

This deep connection to love and belonging is your True Nature. There is a reason you crave it as much as food and water. It has been taken away from you by a societal norm that has stripped our world down to what we can see and touch – but there is so much more, and it is right here for you, right now.

Historically, the mystics have trained for years, often in isolation, for years upon years, to develop their super powers. But something has shifted (perhaps the 2012 opening? I can’t say for sure…). Today anyone can access them with good instruction and enough focus to get into  the state required. Your true nature and with it a magical wonderland is more accessible now than it has ever been. It just takes a little bit of trust.

Again, this deep connection, the “Force Within” is there for everyone, and the “magical” abilities are yours as well, they are built into your design.

This site and this work is yet under construction – I have a series of courses that I have been teaching privately and at festivals for some time, but I am only just now embarking on the internet adventure. So stay tuned – find my Facebook and You Tube channels (Oracle Of The Bright Future) and please give me a little grace – though I have pursued this work since childhood, and taught live for years, I am new to video creation, and its a bit of a steep learning curve haha! The videos you’ll find at first will be my early attempts and I’m sure pretty goofy!

Thank you for being an explorer in this incredibly Wonderful, Magical, Mystical world we’ve fallen into. You surely must be a person who longs to grow, to become more, to experience all that life has to offer and I believe perhaps too – that you are a contribution to the greater good in the very nature of who you are….Its an honor to meet you, to share these notes with you!  Lets travel together for a bit, share notes and find out what fun we can have!

Much love,



  • New Self Realization & Understanding
  • More Self-Confidence
  • Improved Happiness
  • Improved Vitality
  • Improved Relationships
  • More Love All Around You
  • Reduced Stress, Fear, Worry
  • More Calm During Chaos
  • More Stable Emotional Security
  • A Deepened Sense Of Belonging
  • Opened Intuition
  • New Tools For Manifestation & Prosperity Attraction
  • Ability To Influence The Unfolding Of Your Life
  • Ability To Shift Situations Toward A Positive Outcome
  • Magical Gifts & Synchronicities On A Daily Basis
[disclaimer – All results are due to work you do yourself and I cannot determine or guarantee any results you will experience, but these results are there for those who do the practices. Also, I am not a doctor and this is not intended or implied to be medicinal or to treat any illness, disorder, disease or other medical condition]